• What materials do I need to use?

There is a great variety of resources, when starting to use the methodology we advise that less is more.  The type and amount of resources used will vary depending on the hours and way a school wishes to use Jolly Phonics.  As official distributors, part of our job is to advise on what materials are most appropriate for your situation.

  • Why should I do training?

It is essential that teachers know how this methodology works.  It is quite a different way of teaching English, it is important that teachers are trained to know how the methodology functions and how to apply it.

  • Should I do online training or a presential course?

The answer is both.  Sometimes the answer is a question of logistics, if there isn’t a course near you or you need to do a course immediately.  The presential courses tend to take a more practical approach, whereas the online courses provide a detailed explanation of the methodology.  The more practical activities often appear in the course forums.

  • Does this methodology work in an ESL context?

Jolly Phonics and Grammar have proven to be extremely effective within the ESL context.  Sometimes there are words which are more appropriate to native speakers, but you would be advised of this when you do training.

  • Can I use this methodology with 3 year olds?

Jolly Phonics is a methodology that can be adapted to be used in an infant classroom.  Official trainers will be able to guide you on how to do this, and the distributors should advise you on the most appropriate material.


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