The Jolly Learning Methodology

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory methodology, and uses the synthetic phonics method, which means that the lettersounds are taught first, on their own. Children are then taught to blend sounds together to say (‘synthesise’) the word.

There are five basic skills for reading and writing, each of which are incorporated within the Jolly Phonics program:

1) Learning the letter sounds / 2)Learning letter formation / 3) Blending / 4)Identifying the sounds in words / 5) Learning tricky words.

The secret to the success of this methodology is that is is multi-sensory, ALL children are able to learn as ALL forms of learning are encompassed.


Jolly Grammar

Jolly Grammar provides grammar (including punctuation) and spelling lessons divided into 6 levels. The teaching is active and multisensory, with colours (matching those used by Montessori schools) and actions for parts of speech and continues to revise and extend children’s phonic knowledge. 


Jolly Music

Inspired by the Kodály approach to music teaching, Jolly Music uses multi-sensory activities to hone children’s musical skills through singing. The programme is suitable for teachers with no musical background and we have even included CDs for those who don’t like to sing! We believe that Jolly Music lays the foundations for a lifetime of musical enjoyment for children.