Emillsbooks SL is a business founded upon twenty years working experience within the educational world, and allows us to offer a high quality service to all our clients.  This may be seen in our representation of Jolly Learning; bringing their methodology to children, teachers and schools, covering all practical aspects necessary for its application and guaranteeing a personalized service.  

     We organize weekly classes for children from 3-16 years throughout the academic year in our academy EMB School (www.embschool.es), thus ensuring a continued working experience with Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.  

    As an official Jolly Learning trainer we prepare teachers or parents interested in   implementing the methodology; we offer regular training courses in our school, or  travel to do in-school training.  Our blog: jollyenglish (www.jollyphonics.es) gives support, practical ideas and updates on the latest developments within the methodology.  We use our role as Official Distributors to ensure that teachers or schools use the most appropriate materials to apply the methodology, we can arrange visits; physical or virtual, and a free continued service of support and advice

 The resources can be seen on our website, and purchased online www.emillsbooks.com or via email info@emillsbooks.com.